Within Walking Distance from Talay Naiharn

– Nai Harn Beach – 30mins walk (2.4km)

– Laemontra Coffee Cafe – 2mins walk (120m)

– Car/Bike Rental – 6mins walk (500m)

– Mexican/Thai Food Restaurant – 6mins walk (450m) 

– Hair & Nail Salon – 6mins walk (500m) 

– Crepe Village – 6mins walk (450m)

– Fruits Market – 7mins walk (550m)

– La Cantina Steak House and Pizzeria – 7mins walk (550m) 

Nai Harn Beach 

Laemontra Coffee Cafe 

Car/Bike Rental 

Mexican/Thai Food Restaurant 

Hair & Nail Salon 

Crepe Village 

Fruits Market 

La Cantina Steak House and Pizzeria 

30mins walk (2.4km)

2mins walk (120m) 

6mins walk (500m)

6mins walk (450m) 

6mins walk (500m)

6mins walk (450m)

7mins walk (550m)

7mins walk (550m)

Driving Distance from Talay Naiharn to Other Locations:

– Nai Harn Beach – 6mins drive (2.5km)

– ATV Adventure/Elephant Camp – 5 mins drive (2km) 

– Ao Sane Beach – 9 mins drive (3.4km) 

– Krating Cape – 11 mins drive (4km)

– Rawai Seafood Market – 8 mins drive (2.9km)

– Chalong Pier – 14 mins drive (6.5km) 

– Kata Beach – 13 mins drive (6.5km)

– Big Buddha – 27 mins drive (13km)

– Hanuman World – 25 mins drive (14km)

– Central Department Store – 30 mins drive (16km)

– Patong Beach – 35 mins drive (17km)

-Laem Promthep – 10 min drive (6km) 

Nai Harn Beach

ATV Adventure/Elephant Camp

Ao Sane Beach

Krating Cape

Rawai Seafood Market

Chalong Pier

Kata Beach

Big Buddha

Hanuman World

Central Department Store

Patong Beach

Laem Promthep

6mins drive (2.5km)

5 mins drive (2km)

9 mins drive (3.4km) 

11 mins drive (4km)

8 mins drive (2.9km)

14 mins drive (6.5km)

13 mins drive (6.5km)

27 mins drive (13km)

25 mins drive (14km)

30 mins drive (16km)

35 mins drive (17km)

10 min drive (6km)

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